The Letter Y

My father said when I was one I would constantly say “why why why” after dada being my first word, it was always WHY. He said he painted a shirt with the letter Y on it and made me wear it, Is this interesting yet? I find myself saying WHY in my head everyday…why do I own this business? why do I care so much? why cant I have more help at home? why cant I be rich? why do I have to repeat myself so much? why cant I write as well as I can talk?. It proves from an infant i knew this horrible fate of WHY was my destiny.

I can’t explain to everyone how stressful being a business woman is or how to level what seems like 5 different personalities in a day is like. I wonder if its just me?  it cant be, why would it be just  me??  I’m going to attempt this blogging thing with the glorious help of spell check! ha! im going to educate and justify what i do and how I do it, with the exception of always asking why. I will answer questions and tell stories of the pretty insane things that go on and use this as an educational tool for my clients who have grown into the the little tangled family we have weaved!

first, I want to say I have no clue how to set all this up. I’v been youtubing with a one year old yanking at my leg and spitting out ritz crackers on my floor, my dog snoring in the back round and 11 year old screaming at the video game in the next room. The husband? yea hes in his own little world with his corona and game of throne tivo, I try to tap into the pretty girl whos hair is straightened, wrapped in a blanket with a espresso. So far i have the blanket. The “prettiness” of this site may take a week or two.

Ps. im secretly hoping to boost my ego and have this not fail. I don’t like to fail i want this to work so I will put my all into it. Even if it has a ritz cracker drooling Rottweiler type of ghetto look…its going to be all me, the art of my honesty,.

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