Morning Mind Control

Life takes its toll on everyone there are certain times we have to pull from all sids of our brains to survive, I say and write this at 7:26am in the starbucks drive threw waiting now for 11 mins when i have to open my shop at 7:45. Mind survival takes me to the first sip of my iced macchaito I know that if i drive my car into the cars in front of me in frustration I wont get that sip. I sit here in my very nice car and begin to think about the dunkin donuts I just left for my son, the turkey flatbread we assumed we drove off with to only find a non existent menue item when he opened it. As i drove back thinking it would make me late, my sons smile gives my mind control, I like a movie seen myself throwing the non menue item threw the window hopefully hitting the sandwich makers face, mind control let me act professional i dont want to go to jail. Now at 7:36 Am i still have yet to make it to the order box


but im almost there and wonder how much longer after my order order it will take before mind control needs mind control.


7:40am, i should have painted my nails.

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