There is truth beneath all lies, to be revealed in tragic situations, swallowed by deceit thrown up in social media, cleaned up by delete and blocking buttons, or NOT, but to linger in a broken heart covered by hate chilled over anger, smashed by numbness, vocalize in text misconstrued behavior in letters typed, blood is thicker then water only when the water is not tainted with oil and pollutants, WHERE ARE YOU,?

your generation beneath mine evaporated loyalty with social suicide, pictures posted, shared , facebook, snap chat , twitter,~ but my mirror~ as the soap hit the sponge to the glass reflection, the water on my hands, the static of sink ,the clash of the spoons and plate,  my mirror in front of me seen you, a tear, a gasp, a silence so soft, a glimpse of my pain struggled out of my eyes and onto the granite into the sterling sink, yet anger in my mouth, teeth  tight ,lips tight,this… its more then a fight.   wash your hands, DONE,  through the text visuals of your tiny fingers and that toy phone with wheels,…  YOUR FREE OF ME



a sister, a half sister, half of him we are,hush though, quiet though,dont tell! prosperity fails, futures fold, family is cold when you run from it alone. against a wall with an army of one,.   No questions of my foreseen, abstract to now it is bleeding present time, no suture nor glue can clot the open wound, decayed and torn turning a new page trying something new?  what would HE say?? ~ MAY GOD BLESS YOU




“I love you BUT” I shouldn’t have, visualizing your angry face when you would throw trucks down the hallway at me,. Blond hair weird eyes tiny fingers and toes, whats wrong? WHY do you cry? don’t cry brother, rock, rock, rock, quiet now buddy, “sista” is here for you, I wont let anyone ever hurt you, “protect your brothers always” he said.  I tried daddy I did,failed so badly to,.  “Threaten your girlfriends tell them watch out” Your my obligation a priority a reason to be, before you only me no one else to oversee, MOVING ON

butterfly the heart it will beat faster like cooking tender meat, the water draining from the sink circles,the mirror catching more emotions , questioning my own foreseen like a replay of a classic tape, “and you  still haven’t found what  you’ve been looking for” .  I was there with you before you, and I tried to cover the holes but the earth is no match for my imprinted hearts obligations nor my loyal priorities. dont drown please, I will always need you I have always needed you,simplicity is silence and complication is evident.  Do not think, just watch, tides turn everyday sun sets and moons rise don’t forget to look at the stars in his night sky, giving up the years given like a marathon you missed, blankets keep the cold away music to your eyes here, SING IT AWAY

Broken , sharpen then glass shards into my soal, slice away the promise he made you make, she snached every breath of honesty you had,  walk away from the scars they  will do you no good now,  fixing flaws is imperfect unjustification  of egotistical mentality,  creating flaws in none are injustification of egotistical insecurities , I never believed but she made me, I never did fight, but she made me, tame the fire put out the flame,  break a morter piece by tiny peice, akillies heal my family, to conquer is to divide.  from day one division, quarter one, free throw, shots missed daddys dead he seen right threw her head. ….she would never take my call,  “NOW YOU SEE” so he said….




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