Doses Of Me

~ sheen~

Its been a while, I have been busy drowning out the sound of responsibility while creating new priorities I cannot complete in a timely manner,  throwing myself back into dog shows and itching to purchase another dog all while juggling family, friends, business and a vacation my  schedule has been time-consuming to say the least.  As I try to type something constructive for new and current clients my 3-year-old is saying “mom, I’m ready to get out!! mommmmm!!! tripping over the cord attached to the laptop that is 6% battery life because well priorities I run to get her from the tub ( yes I can see her from where I sit). Trying to get back to the blog,  noticeably unapologetic my husband so kindly shut the computer off while my clever multitasking at life was happening under his nose and CSPAN.  Round 22. Time to be professional, ok second paragraph will be titled….professional YES!! ring ring ring ( phone now my mom) ding!!! ding!!! Facebook message …”dammit!!!!!” I just want to type something memorable and ethical rememberable, is that a word? memorable rememorable??”  I’m unsure if my 13-year-old just meowed like a cat in his room on the game system or if that was his game system? I should probably get on that AFTER THIS.

~professional me~

I have been getting an overflow of new clients and our phone line will not stop ringing I would like to say it has been no easy road to get to this point.   Before I walk into my salon I always smile at the sound of the door unlocking no matter the day iv had prior or will have because IT IS MINE I love what I do and nothing will ever change that. I know what kind of dogs are coming in and how to create something that will make someone smile after the frown of price.    Basketball in high school plays a role in my everyday life including the shop and how I prepare there were words in my gymnasium bold black giant words COURAGE, RESPECT, STRENGTH, LOYALTY, repeating that row of words as if my bible keeps my head strong and my wit on point.  I have goals and im getting there I WILL GET THERE I am building something for my children to have.  Each day I aim to please and provide a Professional me but who the hell am i kidding??

~realistic me~

when you call for an appointment tell me you hate all the other stylist you have been to because they shaved your dog and give me a 42 minute breakdown on how it became that way as well as why I cannot do the same because you seen my pictures read my reviews “know I am the best” and NEED an appointment ASAP tomorrow??  right before asking for a “kind of deal on price since its not to long now” ( in my head I just tacked on 20.00 more for that bullshit remark)  Im probably shaving down your sisters dog as you speak I take 42 deep breaths count to 42 not 10 and give you the dose of honesty my fellow stylist buy me shots for.  STOP IT just go to walmart and buy the clippers with that plastic attachment and go at it.  Teachers stick together truck drivers, law enforcement, medical attendants, and so do PET STYLIST I have been giving lakeland a dose of northern Italian honesty for 8 years now and Im so happy to see other shops doing the same.  I love to come to an understanding a realistic conversation without the blankets over the real you the person on the phone who blames the stylist instead of their own neglect in getting to the stylist as to why their dog is a hot mess ( read paragraph 1)  I get life I am the mother/personal assistant, sister/mentor  wife/slave,  best friend/mess that you all are too just like you do not have time to brush your dog ironic enough neither do I!!  so I keep my poodle in a shorter clip and have fun with the stylish trims in slower months.  It is as if people have lost their screws that were loose!! since when did the dogs length define the love it is given? or the care it received?  I guess since the harness and flexie lead became the new fendi ( we hate flexies) (we hate EVERY HARNESS) but that is another blog.  moral of realistic me~ I will shave the matted dog also but I have the speaking power to get you to understand why and get on a SCHEDULE with a LENGTH that works for anyone with priorities other then brushing the dog everyday.  Being in business has been a game changer for me an eye opener and anxiety giver yet priceless and effortless in giving me justification I’m doing it right,  with the loyalty of all my clients this is the second year we are booked a MONTH out and it is not a holiday!!!!


This past September I discovered via my Dr I have anxiety and what I assumed was death by dander in chest pain was actually a real life anxiety attack.  I laughed about it did not think it was true until she then handed me an inhaler script, ok this shit was real now.   I have been trying even harder to remain calm keep it zen and practice the art of honesty within myself, that means I cannot remember each dogs name and haircut like I was able to 6 years ago when  we have doubled since then. I have to slow my roll and begin to say NO, that pushing myself in the shop to do that extra dog to please someone wont work, that it was time to get rid of the PITA clients ( you figure it out) despite the love for the dog It had to be done.  I lost many dogs last year and my heart was hurt some over the price increase others because honestly I could not take the constant pressure anymore.  Just as life moves on faster than the mirror reflects my face realization of my age since opening 8 years ago came to slap me harder than ever in the form of an inhaler.  I had a moment and had to reflect on things that needed change or new directions within the business without loosing the aspects so many people love like our 3 hour turn around’s.  That was a hard one but again 8 years in business 17 in the industry  takes its toll!! pushing my grooms and bath dogs an extra hour took the weight off my shoulders I felt better about the quality and overall time spent on each dog.

~simple me~

“give me my dogs and a book”  until the next time I have time to claw my way to the lap top and type something worth 20 minutes of your time please remember to give your pet stylist a break, under the smock is a person and under the fur is a loved dog.


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