What Should You Expect From A First Visit To A Pet Stylist




Dog grooming  in my professional opinion is all about balance from the way you speak to people to the style of cut you desire.  When you have a new puppy or a 4 year old rescue to the 15 year old dog you never thought to get groomed in most cases all the same questions arise and are met with similar answers.  Conversation should not be to fast or slow but in between getting to the point and getting a good feel for confidence with end results being comfort. The emotional scale is what every couple of hours is like for the everyday business owner in a career of this caliber.  The optimism of starting the day to the depressing call from a client we had for 11 years telling us honey is not going to make the next visit because they have been sent home from the emergency vet to die in peace at home , scheduled 5 minutes after that call is a new puppy that will walk in (true story for me last week).    The red arrow is a space of time we have to be in a moment to feel, care, be hurt and then pick ourselves back up and go about the day without showing the emotion to the dogs we have to work on or the new client at a first visit, all of that in 2.5 seconds and so i will touch on this being the reason for most of our outburst on our social media pages ( we need a vent).    We are the superheros of emotional  roller coasters.



Every level of knowledge is different you can expect no less than what you pay for in most cases , our industry allows for so much continued education consider it unacceptable to not get the basics in style, skin, coat and nutrition when speaking to a stylist. Most of us are have tampered in or have a  history with training, health, conformation, with an endless eye for behavior modification. Each year new breeds are recognized and styles from last year switch up As professionals it is our responsibility and priority to keep up with our industry to give the clients a fresh, updated and professional experience                              



You can expect atmosphere?  You MUST expect atmosphere!! Dogs expect and inspect atmosphere.  Just like checking out the new school or daycare for you children a dog salon should reflect an equal or close to aspect of safety and clean surroundings. Im not talking about the  4 feet of fur on the floor next the the stylist table. the grooming salon should never smell like a petting zoo or have open areas unsupervised, everything should be pretty tidy and be somewhat organized at drop off and pickup. At my salon we take great pride in the zen we create each day.



To me there is nothing more important than product and knowing the product it separates each salon and style, it creates, heals and helps there is a high level product and a low level. Anyone can walk into walmart and grab that oatmeal shampoo on the shelf a professional will order from a industry rep who sells product that outweighs store bought by a million miles, you can expect  the stylist to combine product in order to create a distinct collection of care for your individual dog just like we have different needs for our hair types so do your dogs. Seminars are open to all of us as well as the makers and CEOs of our products so expect the common knowledge in product each visit should help not harm your dogs skin and coat.



My very favorite thing is honesty and all that follows, so this may be harsh to some while  applauded and understood by others. We do not love every dog as much as we like each one, remembering your dog if not an every 4-6 week client becomes hard do not be offended we have notes to help us.  There is a reason for every shaved dog as there is a reason for each matted one. Expect a long lasting relationship that becomes more of a friendship,a moment in your day, a venting session ( I could write a book on client stories) expect what you assumed was taking the dog to the groomers to be more of a social interaction of great expectations.  


“I love what I do each day, all the energy it brings the roller coaster of emotions and infinite array  of personalities I encounter, I am passionate and strive to retain a relationship with each client, I’m sure there is no better profession than this.”

~Sheena silva


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