Happy 4th Birthday

She is all the first mistakes revised, complicated ironed out, remake of not responsible parenting a second chance at doing things right, eat your veggies fruits and bedtime is at nine. She is the example of what we can do now and how much better we can be this go around, get all the safe locks, window alarms the baby keurig and bottle warming machine the organic version of our lives. The 2014 ten year ooops we cannot exchange, be better for, do better for or try more for. 15135949_10207980955382988_7067834636821413450_n

She the fire that burned through each revise we made, cut up the items we were to iron out, gave responsible parenting the black sharpie scribble and laughed, fruits and veggies made her a mini anti meat campaigning politician. Being safe made our home a look alike of a new and improved alcatraz except she is shawshank redemption.
She is everything that teaches a person to live each day without rules,the pressures easily flattened with no regard to others judgement, the tattoo of her communication has been simply explore. Her face red with my lipstick just one of the times I realized how amazing she was the first time I understood all I had to do was laugh while document and while cleaning always while cleaning just laugh.

She reminded us we were better parents without trying so hard at being better We built a life for her to enter into a life that was unexpected could never be expected to be anything other then who she is and who she will become. The mold we made the organic life we attempted was not in her bloodline her example was 10 years older and a prime example he is. There will never be a stronger duo then brother and sister for this bond be bound for great travels. 17492714_10208922249274747_2302622213557822655_o

“she may be small yet she be fierce”10275311_10202091232023585_3336798896288983898_o

we will forever shop till we drop

“dream big, and I will go beyond that”22859688_10210757511835164_3097604027878155275_o

Stay you sweet girl stay honest to your vibrant mind and soul take me away on all the adventures you find along this lifetime. I was never nor will I ever be ready for all the things you are and become however I promise each year I will take notes, learn and travel along your side without disappointment I will be your silent partner in all the mistakes you make as you are me and I am you. ~love mama

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