There is truth beneath all lies, to be revealed in tragic situations, swallowed by deceit thrown up in social media, cleaned up by delete and blocking buttons, or NOT, but to linger in a broken heart covered by hate chilled over anger, smashed by numbness, vocalize in text misconstrued behavior in letters typed, blood is thicker … Continue reading Delete


Thinking Of Changing My Pets Stylist

I know I have taken dogs from other local stylists and they have taken what I would call "mine". I also know that there is an ethical and honest way to do it. Sometimes it’s "another one bites the dust" others it’s like "what did I do?" Some like the ones I’ll touch on in … Continue reading Thinking Of Changing My Pets Stylist

Twas The Week Before Christmas

Each year during the holidays it’s the same situation, we have to turn away last minute people who get their dogs done ONCE if that every year, sometimes two and three years go by. They are matted, flea infested, sometimes sick, almost never have shots and we are expected by the "owners" to fix, shave, … Continue reading Twas The Week Before Christmas

The Last Groom

I  had a moment today unlike any other that iv had. I don't get silenced often I never am at a loss for words or struggle to  muster up something to say to my clients owners. Iv been in this situation before,im trained to be ethical. Over the last few months iv had tragic things happen … Continue reading The Last Groom

Morning Mind Control

Life takes its toll on everyone there are certain times we have to pull from all sids of our brains to survive, I say and write this at 7:26am in the starbucks drive threw waiting now for 11 mins when i have to open my shop at 7:45. Mind survival takes me to the first … Continue reading Morning Mind Control

“Business Minds” The Customer Is Always Right!

"Everything I am against is the tight lip, the silence, the "Business Mind Set" of, I cant say that because I own a business, I can't really let them know how I feel because I will loose business,. I don't like to think twice, I feel confident to speak my mind, to leave some impact in this world to make some change in something I believe in. you should be confident in your career or get out of it!